A Trip-planning app designed for

We believe that planning for your next journey can be as fun as the journey itself.

Great Tools. Painless Planning.

At Roambear, our mission is to make trip-planning as easy as possible. That's why we created amazing tools that allow you to collaborate with people and share things with them seamlessly. Polls, Maps, Links, Tickets, Videos and Pictures are just a few features you can use on Roambear to plan a memorable trip.

It's all about the conversations

We believe that discussions are most essential in trip-planning. That's why Roambear is built in a way that keeps endless conversations going, while making sure your trip page is spotlessly tidy.

One click trip-planning

Based on the destinations you are visiting, Roambear gives you high-quality content recommendations curated from thousands of blog posts online. You can add any content you like to your trip simply by clicking "Add to trip". Yes, that simple.

A glance. Even Offline.

With our Roambear app, you can view your trips anywhere, with or without Internet. By the way, did I mention that it even includes Offline Maps and Documents?

Decision-making made easier

With Polls, deciding on something with people is now much easier. No need for the endless discussion over text just to make a simple decision. Hold a poll, get your responses - that's it. If someone has anything more to suggest, simply leave a comment to the post and everyone in your trip will be able to see it.

Use Maps. Without using Maps.

What's the best way to describe a location to your friends? Point it on a map! With our Google Maps Integration, you can insert maps to a post in just clicks. The maps inserted are also interactive, which means you can know more about the place without having to leave your trip page!

Flexibility, minus the chaos

You can share almost everything (and anything) with your peers without any restrictions. That said, our minimalistic user interface will still keep everything organized and easy to read.

Your trip is sociable, and fasionable

You can like or leave your comments on any post. A customizable name and background will make your trip much cooler than it already is.

Let's bring the fun back to trip-planning

Roambear is FREE to use. Anytime.